The Latin term Victrix means ‘Female Winner’ or ‘Female Victor.’ Henley Women’s Regatta bestows this term on its prized group of past and current winners, including male coxes and coaches. Victrix members receive a prestigious pewter badge, which they wear with pride on their blazers. It is one of the joys of the Regatta to see spectators and competitors alike approach these “ambassadors” of the event for photos, reminiscences, and conversation. The Chairman’s Enclosure at the Remenham Club serves as an either casual or formal meeting place for Victrix members, and offers a shared vista to the Regatta finish line.

An Annual or Lifetime Victrix membership gives you many benefits during the regatta including free parking during the 3 days of the regatta, access to the Chairman’s Enclosure, a programme and updates as well as other offers.  If you are unable to join us at the regatta but still wish to support us you can always join as ‘Absent Victrix’.


Additional Guest Badges

Victrix membership provides entry to the Chairman’s Enclosure for the member and  one guest. Up to 2 additional guest badges may be purchased for each day of the regatta.

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As a badge holder to the Enclosure, Friends and their guests can book for both lunch and tea in advance, at a reduced price, or, subject to availability, on the day.  As un-booked meals will be limited, if you do decide that you would like a meal on the day, please enquire as early as possible in person at the Chairman’s Enclosure.  email  for details or visit the enclosure. Please note that this email address will not be answered whilst the regatta is in progress. Beverages and light snacks can be purchased at the bar throughout the day.

Please note early bookings are now closed. There will be a limited number of meals available on the day. Please visit the Enclosure early if you would like to book.