Following races

Launch rides can be booked at the regatta information point in the main regatta enclosure or at the start.

Launch rides are available to follow every race. One complimentary ticket is issued to each crew, but other tickets can be purchased. Please note that tickets cannot be booked before the previous round has taken place and only on the day of the race and must be booked at least 45 minutes before race time. You must check in 30 minutes before the race start time. Races will not be held back in order to wait for any latecomers. Please remember that silence must be observed whilst following races.

Every crew receives a free pass for the coach to follow each of their races and these should be confirmed 40 minutes before race time otherwise the seat may not be available. Places may not be booked until the race in the preceding heat has taken place.

A £6 donation is requested for each launch ticket.