The 2018 Poster is now available for purchase

The 2018 T shirt will be available for sale from the Regatta shop from 9 am Friday. Please come and see us to purchase a wide marge of souvenirs.

Thanks for your support.

One hundred percent of the profits from items sold on this official shop go towards supporting this and future Henley Women’s Regattas. Like the Regatta itself, this shop is staffed by volunteers.

We endeavour to offer a wide range of popular and new merchandise, and styles are being introduced often.

The 2018 Poster   offers a delivery option. There are no delivery options for other products.

Any questions? Please contact us

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Video & Photographic images are taken throughout the regatta which may include not just images of competitors but spectators too.

We only retain data that is necessary for the effective operation of the event. You may request to be removed from any database we retain or request details of any information HWR holds on you via our Privacy Statement  and for the full  HWR DATA PROTECTION POLICY FINAL 23-3-18