Situated on the mound above the boating racks, the gazebo area is an ideal meeting space or quiet area for your crew, and offers a unique vantage point of the course.

Crews can book a dedicated gazebo pitch. Space is limited and books up quickly. Please ensure that you have reserved and paid for your space by the end of the second week in May.

When booking a gazebo pitch, please note the following:

  • There is no parking available on site. Parking is available on Hillside Car Park, a short walk from the gazebo area
  • No BBQs, naked flames, fires, or candles are permitted in the gazebo area. We reserve the right to extinguish any of the above
  • Access is only available from the morning of Friday 19th June
  • Please ensure that your gazebo fits comfortably in your own space and does not block the view or encroach on other crews’ spaces
  • Gazebos without backs and sides are permitted in the front row. We reserve the right to request their removal if they do not adhere to these rules

For more details contact Booking for gazebo pitches will open in April.