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Whether you are visiting Henley before the regatta to familiarise yourself with the course or prepaing for your race you need to be aware of the different circlation patterns which apply at different times and on different days.

Vehicles and boat trailers must NOT enter via the Henley Bridge junction & must follow the one way system not just on race days but during the week prior to racing. Please make sure that your trailer driver is aware of this. 

The Regatta Course will be closed in the interests of safety during the following times: 

Friday, 22 June:          8.15 am to 7.30 pm

Saturday, 23 June:     7.00 am and 7.30 pm

Sunday, 24 June:        8.00 am and 5.00 pm

Time Trial Information

2018 Time Trial Instructions Snr Events 18 2018 Time Trial Instructions for crews J16 Events Fri  Time Trial Instructions for crews Jnr Events Sat 2018

2018 Time Trial Instructions Championship 8 and 4

Competitors instructions

2018 HWR Training Circulation pattern Monday 11th owards       Time trial circulation pattern           Racing Circulation Pattern                                 

HWR Welfare Statement and Policy 2018

Due to the limited time available to construct the regatta enclosure, crews will not be able to access the site or toilets until 9.00 am on Wednesday 20th June. We will endeavour to have the landing stages and boat racks available from Wednesday morning.

  • Prior to Wednesday 20th June crews who wish to practise should make arrangements to boat from a local club. Please note no safety cover is operational on the river until the Regatta commences on Friday.
  • Please see the Travel and Parking page for details on car park opening times, parking tickets and trailer vehicle registration, all trailers must register for free parking otherwise you will be charged. The Travel page also includes details of getting to the Venue, please familiarise yourself with these and follow the one way system.
  • Barbecues are not to be used on any art of The Venue.
  • Recreational swimming & diving is not permitted


  • Crews must remove all boats from the Enclosure boat racks by 9.00pm on Sunday. Under no circumstances must trailers be left on Remenham Lane or in the layby by the gate or your vehicle or trailer will be towed away.
  • All crews are advised that during racing, the event may be filmed using an overhead unmanned aerial vehicle with camera (drone). Crews are thereby assumed to consent to being filmed and for the operation of a drone in their proximity whilst racing.


If you have any queries please contact

All competitors  should expect to race on the Friday. The J16 time trials will be held no earlier than 6.30pm Friday. The Junior Time Trial will be held before the start of racing on Saturday morning. Side by side racing for J16 and junior events will only begin on the Saturday.

If you have any queries please contact