On which day and time can crews boat from the site?

Crews can access the Venue from 9.00am Wednesday. We endeavour to make boating rafts and boat racks available from Wednesday morning.

Prior to this time, practicing on the course can only be accommodated by boating from other local clubs (where you must make your own arrangements) If you want to boat before Wednesday. Upper Thames and Henley Rowing Club do make a charge. Please make sure you have trestles with you to take boats to the trailer park in case the stages are not available.

For crews arriving before 9am Wednesday 19th June 2019

Crews should make arrangements with one of the local clubs to boat from that club. Some clubs do charge for this. For boating availability, see the Upper Thames website for contact details email the Henley Rowing Club secretary at

Crews should note that they are advised to move boats to the Regatta Enclosure after 9am Wednesday  to save costs. In addition, all crews are required to boat from the Regatta Enclosure during the regatta.

On what day and what time can trailers park in Car Park Gate B?
Trailer parking is available from midday Tuesday. Please park in the marked-out areas. The car park gate will be locked at 8.30pm on training days. All boats, trailers and vehicles must be removed from the regatta site by 8pm on Sunday evening.

Why is the Regatta course only 1500m long, when the men race further?
The Environment Agency has limited the length of racing for Henley Women’s Regatta to 1500m for reasons of safety.  Racing to the HRR finish would mean that crews would have to return to the enclosures along the Bucks side of the river in the navigation channel, and at weekends due to the number of motorised craft that this poses a safety risk, as HWR runs racing at 4 minute intervals. Crews racing at the Royal proceed from the finish upstream on the course at suitable intervals in racing to avoid paddling in the navigation channel at the weekend. This is not possible at HWR, as races are run every 4 or 5 minutes.

Which station is Bucks and which is Berks?
The stations are named after the two counties bordering the river. The Regatta (towpath) side of the river is named the Berkshire station and the far side of the river is named the Bucks station.

Is there a minimum age for a cox?
Yes. Please see the Rules section.


I have an exam on the Friday – will it be possible to reschedule my race for Saturday?
We apologise, but this will not be possible schedule wise. However, we are prepared to consider scheduling side-by-side races (not time trials) at a later time on the Friday. Please contact the Entries Secretary to discuss and BEFORE the draw takes place. We cannot change race times after the draw has been published. If it is likely that you will have a problem then please contact the Secretary prior to the draw on Friday.

If a Junior is entered in a non-junior event, in particular Development or Aspirational, then they must be prepared to race on Friday, as it is very likely that rounds of these events will be held that day. In fairness to your opposition, we are not able to reschedule a Friday race to Saturday to accommodate this.

When is the race timetable available?
The race timetable will be published on Tuesday before the Regatta. Whatever the entry finals and semi-finals will be run on the Sunday of the Regatta – there will be no exception to this. If a Time Trial is required for any Junior 16 event this will be held on Friday evening, no earlier than 6.00pm. Junior 18 events will commence on Saturday. The race schedule on Saturday precludes the committee from moving rounds of any events from Friday to Saturday due of exams.

To which address may I send a cheque for entry fees?
Entries Secretary, Henley Women’s Regatta, Broom Point, Broom Water West, Teddington, Middx. TW11 9QH. All entry fees are inclusive of VAT. Please make out the cheque to Henley Women’s Regatta.

Can we set up a tent/Gazebo for our club?Yes. Booking opens in April.  Please see our Competitor Facilities page for more information on all facilities available to crews at HWR.